Record Pool

This is for Radio DJs only.

Members of Christian Rhythmic Record Pool [CRRP] will have access to music from various Christian/Gospel genres, such as, hiphop, dance, caribbean, rock, worship, reaggae, etc. This is strictly for deejays playing on terrestrial radio and must show a report of all music played at least on a monthly basis. These playlists will be compiled to create our charts. Reporting stations will be mentioned for their participation. To be considered, fill out the form below:

DJs of Podcast, Mobile, Mixtape

The One Accord DJs is accepting memberships for current Christian/Gospel Deejays. Their annual membership is $55 and includes servicing of music, instrumentals, and accapellas of hiphop and rhythm & praise. If you want to join, sign up here!  or click the link


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