Holy Culture Radio going LIVE on SiriusXM

Breaking News and BIG Moves for CHH and R&P!

If you haven’t heard yet, then you heard it here first! ChristianRhythmic.com is proud to announce the biggest expansion of the Christian Hip Hop genre to satellite radio. The long-time home base for CHH and R&P,  Holy Culture Radio, now has landed a new home on SiriusXM.

Holy Culture Radio was born in 2003. The main website, HolyCulture.net, has featured many news articles, interviews, music videos, and event coverage for over thirteen years. Now in 2022,  they prove they are bigger than ever.

The announcement came via social media on March 7, 2022., and since then it’s been the buzz in the CHH community. On their Facebook page, their radio personalities, deejays, and preachers have been promoting the move the past two months. The line-up includes, Pastor Phil Jackson of Chicago, DJ D-Lite from Texas, and DJ Wade-O.

Any day now we are ready to tune our dials to SiriusXM 154 for Holy Culture Radio.



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