New Releases [3/3/2015]

The Battery – The Change Up [Illect]Erica Danea – Dreams Die Hard [Counter Culture Art] Eshon Burgundy – The Fear Of God [Humble Beast] Mike REAL – Mind Of Hollis [Clear Sight Music]Mogli The Iceburg – DREVMCVTCHRPlaydough & Sean Patrick – 1985 Party Time ExcellentTheory Hazit – Fall Of The Light Bearer [Soulspazm]

Year of the Cyphers

BET set off a trend of recording Cyphers of various artists for the Awards show. Rappers Lecrae and Andy Mineo even were invited to participate. CHH artists from around the world set their own stages to showcase emcees. Die Daily Team ‘The Cypher’ ft the Die Daily Cypher features Dillon Chase, Sean C Johnson, B…